Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big or Beautiful

In American culture today, we are obsessed with fat. We like to cook with it, we try to loose it, and some of us try to gain it. Radio stations like PBS warn us about the raising obesity rates, especially among American children. TV is filled with ideas about fat. There are tons of TV shows that surround the idea of being fat. There's shows like The Biggest Looser, and Dace Your Ass Off that show case large people and their struggle to lose weight. ABC Family just launched their new summer sires Huge staring Nikki Blonsky, from Hairspray. Huge takes place at Camp Victory, a camp designed to help overweight teens get healthy. The catch comes when the star of the show, Willamina (Nikki Blonsky) declares that she doesn't want to lose weight but gain it. Why should she have to change herself when she likes who she is?
This show offers a very different perspective on body perception and what makes a person beautiful. I watched the season premiere of this show last Tuesday, and was really impressed. TV has never addressed fat like this. We get a look into the lives and feelings of very overweight teens, and start to understand "fat" a little better. One female camper post pictures of fashion models and titles them as "Thinspriation." We are always encouraged to be thin. The media, and fashion magazine use models that tend to be stick thin as their spokes person or representative. We idolize thinness, and look down upon fat. I think this show will be an extremely good look into America's perception of beauty, and how people perceive themselves.


  1. This show does seem very interesting. I remember seeing a commercial for it and saw that the name of the show was Huge and I thought well that is blunt. And I figured it would just be a show that told females that are big that it is unacceptable and more or less easy to reverse their issue. As for me I have a sister that has been struggling with weight her whole life, she is so down about her size that she does not even want to go to the gym because she is embarrassed. As for me working out is a huge part of my life so it really frustrates me but for her its a whole other issue. I really am excited to watch an episode of this show and I hope it shows girls that yes it is not okay to eat whatever you want all the time and never exercise but at the same time to embrace your body and try your best to make slow steps towards a healthy life style. Because in the end I feel like that is whats best.

  2. I want to watch this show, ABC family? what time and day?
    I havent seen commercials and I don't know this young ladies issues but I think people should wake up and stop eating bad food. We see these people eat fast food all the time and then complain about being over weight. I work out and love it, and I eat salads with dinner and watch my carb intake.Eating healthy saves you money in the long run and you have a longer life to live. I had a conversation with a older man the other day and we got into a discussion about over weight children. I think he told me that if a child is around the age of 13 now and over weight he will live only to see his upper 50s where has 13 years ago he would be alive till he was upper 80's. I will do some research and see what the statistics are to see but if that is true it is pretty sad!

  3. jk about the time its on the picture on the top of your blog...haha

  4. This show looks very intriging!! I am so glad that the media is fianlly portraying an overweight young woman who is comfortable in her own skin! I can't tell you how tired I am of seeing television shows with all the main girls or the "popular/hot" girls being size 2. I'm so glad this character is comfortable in her own skin and even though she isn't the same as everyone else, she doesn't go to drastic measures to try to fit in. Media tries to convey that obesity is becoming an epidemic in society, especially in youth, but I'm pretty sure everyone loves to eat. I eat a lot, it even sometimes confuses people with how much I am capable of eating, but I am never going to change. I'm sure one day my metabolism will slow down, but I feel comfortable enough in my own skin. I'm definately going to tune in to this TV series!