Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Can Do It!

It wasn't until 1976 that women became a part of the army. After that year women were integrated into non-combat units and were officially members of the US Army. This means that if I wanted to join the army 34 years ago they could have turned me because I am a woman. What ever happened to Rosie the Riveter and her inspiring catch phrase? No we couldn't!
Today women in the army still face many obstacles. Monica Lin Brown an 18-year-old army medic was awarded the Silver Star in 2008. Brown was awarded this honor because she used her own body to shield wounded men while they were under fire. However, there was a lot controversy surrounding this award. Many people believed that the only reason she received this medal was because she was a woman. Including members of her own unit. Some people believed that if she had been a man and done the same thing then she would not have been given the medal. She would simply have been doing her duty. She is only the second woman to receive this honor.
I believe that Brown deserved this reward regardless of the fact that she was a women. At the time of the incident Brown only had 4 months of training and was the only medic on scene, and she was only 18. I think these three factors add to Brown's heroic deed. However in this video one of the men she saved was quoted to say that "women have no business being on the front line." Clearly there is still some animosity in the army related to women soldiers.

Here is the link that will show you an interview with Brown and some of the men who believe Brown received the medal because she was a woman.


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  1. That's outrageous soldiers think that she only got that award because she was a woman. She was there to save their lives as a medic. They should just be thankful that they were protected. She did something I don't even know if I could do and I went to military school.