Sunday, July 11, 2010


As young and confused middle schoolers, we are all obsessed with being normal. We buy the clothes that are "in," we listen to the cool music, and we make sure to get a crush on the right boy. As long as we blend in with the crowd we can make it though this awful phase of changing bodies and getting actual homework assignments from teachers. But what about the little boys who listen to the right music, and play the right sports, but get a crush on Tom his teammate, or the little girl who shops at the right stores and wears her hair the cool way, but starts to care for the cool girl in school more than the cool boy? Aren't they normal? They look normal. We are told that to fall in love with a boy when your a girl is the only way to go. Girls don't like girls like they like boys. It's not normal.
This kind of thinking has been hurting boys and girls for centuries. It's called heteronormativity, which means that to be normal is to be a heterosexual. It's what is desired and expected sexual orientation. Guess what, being straight does not make you normal. Look at Marilyn Manson, he's straight, but he is not normal. We are all obsessed with fitting in, but none of us really do. The secret is we are not all alike, and we all don't like each other. The trick is finding the people who you feel comfortable with, and who you can be your normal person with. If Manson can find his crowd, you definitely have a good chance of finding yours.
So weather your gay or straight you are still normal because being normal doesn't mean anything at all.

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